KARISMA [size 8 1/2] (Foot Model)
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From Karisma: My size 9's need a lot of room and a lot of lovin'. I do lots of sports so they can get pretty rank. I love a guy who can get through that sneaker and sport smell to ravage my toes with his talented tongue just after a tough workout!
  CHARITY [size 7 1/2] (Foot Model)
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From Charity: My name is Charity and that's what I give footguys who I deem worthy enough to check out my bare feet. Only the luckiest guys get a chance to massage my soft soles. The luckiest get to shrimp my long thin curly toes.
  VERA [size 7] (Foot Modeling)
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From Vera: I like my wide feet and toes... and I guess guys like them too if the number of foot-loving, toe-sucking boyfriends I have had over the years means anything! There is nothing that feels better than a good massage after a long day on my feet.
  DORA [size 5] (Foot Food)
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From Dora: You wouldn't think these little size 5's would be as dextrous but I can use them just like hands. When I do this in front of a new guy with food, his reaction tells me if he'll be lucky enough to have my feet around his cock or if he's out of there.
  ERZA [size 5] (Foot Model)
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From Erza: I used to be self-consious of my short, wide feet but I learned to appreciate them because of a boyfriend in college who was crazy about what he called "my perfect fat big toes!" He used to paint my toes for me!
  LING [size 6] (Foot Model)
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From Ling: In Singapore we have a tradition of deep foot massage to treate many conditions of the body. You can find many people all over the city skilled in this technique to make your whole body tingle through expert massage of your feet and toes.
  ADRIENNE [size 10] (Foot Model)
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From Adrienne: I'm really athletic so my gigantic size 10's tend to sweat a lot in my socks and sneakers. When I take them off you can smell my feet across the room -- and there is nothing a like more than having my wreaking peds stroked and licked after a workout!
  DEVLIN & ANGELICA [size 7 and 9] (Foot Show)
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From Devlin and Angelica: Our friendly foot fun started after the changes in this country. We do a lot of ebony and ivory foot teasing when we go out together to meet new guys and do a lot of dangling when we fish for interested glances...
  MAYA [size 7 1/2] (Foot Play)
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From Maya: There is nothing that knocks a guy off his feet faster than watching me light up a cigar with one foot, pick up a stem glass of scotch with the other. And then I really surprise him when I show his what else my toes can grab!
  NICOLETTE [size 9] (Foot Show)
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From Jenica: I'm lucky to have two sets of body parts that guys *REALLY* appreciate :). They don't have a "Footers" though, so I have to make due showing them off in sandals on my own. I have a particular talent splaying my long toes, and that really turns guys on!
  TESS [size 8] (Foot Show)
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From Tess: I pamper my feet and I demand that my footboys pamper them too! A man that appreciates a girls feet and can make her feel good through them, knows how to satisfy the rest of her body. When my toes curl they know they they are doing it right!
  MAO [size 7 1/2] (Nylons)
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From Mao: They say I have long pretty toes for a Japanese but I love the feel of nylons against my legs. So many times they are hidden in sheer smooth silk. Men seem to like that too, but my pretty polished toes always get the most looks when they come off.
  LARISSA [size 8] (Foot Model)
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From Larissa: I don't like weraing too much makeup and that goes for my feet as well. I like to have them look naturally without toe polish. I find some men really get turned on by naked feet and unpolished toes. When I notice it gets me kind of excited too.
  SAMANTHA [size 7 1/2] (Foot Modeling)
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From Samantha: I have a retail job where I stand all day so I am paranoid about keeping my feet and soles nice and soft. They get pampered almost every night with cream and oil massage -- and if they are lucky, I am not the one giving it!

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